Monday, January 4, 2010

Blog Candy!

This is what I am calling "Box of Candy" I have a box here, about the size of a good paperback, that I filled with mostly Primas (some odd brand but 90% Prima) then squeezed in some ribbon, a stamp, a dual punch and some chipboard. This candy can be yours! All you need to do is to something easy... spread the word! Go to our challenge blog Design Dollies and take a look around(become a follower if you want to), then spread the word either on your blog (give us a shout out post, put up our blinkie etc) or on a message board you frequent. Then come on back and leave me a comment with your name and a link to how you got the word out. Who knows? This box might just grow if we get alot of people helpin out! This candy will be up for grabs until Jan 4th when the new DT members at the Dollies make their debut!


  1. Hi Kristy, thanks so much for the chance to win this fav candy!!!! I become a follower and i put a link+pic in my rigth sidebar blog .
    Great blog and the challenges at Design Dollies seems great too.

  2. NICE, Holmes! love it!
    i should have my candy up later today, too, so if anyone's peekin' around here, wellllll, they might wanna swing by my pad, too! ;D

  3. Holy smokes, how did it get to January already(question mark x 4) LOL. Congratulations of tghe highest degree! I have been rooting for you to be part of the DT at scrapmuse since I started and saw your work in the gallery there. You are amazingly talented and your simple-ish and super fly super funkyt style will be such an awesome addition to the team! Welcome and I can`t wait to work with you. Love your personality too, you are fun to have around!

  4. You know Leah promotes Design Dollies so well that I had to pop in and then Julie stopped by and the craving began - what a great blog and here's yours with all of this creative greatness and such wonderful scrap layouts! I'm in heaven, aren't I? :D

  5. Wow! Great blog candy!! I'm a new follower and I've added your candy along with the Design Dollies blinkie to my blog...
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  6. great candy!!! Keeping fingers crossed. I added your candy along with the Design Dollies blinkie to my sidebar. Also became a follower.


  7. sweet candy! thank you

  8. love PRIMAS...they are my fave!! great blog..luv'n the dollies and everyone's personal blogs....i will post your candy on my blog...(

  9. Oh what a candy, I love Prima flowers!!

    I linked your candy on my sidebar.




    woot woot!!! you rock!!

  11. Hi!What a sweet Candy!!!Fantastic!!!I added a link to the sidebar
    Thank you so much for the chance to take part!!!

    Greetings from Russia,

  12. Added the blinkee on my blogalog!!!

  13. Hi Kristy,
    I'm going to become a follower. Also I have some good praise on my blog , especially since I got a nice little present coming from the Dollies. Just in time for x-mas.

  14. Hi Kristy,
    I'm a follower, and I have some good praise on my blog, especially since I won from them, just in time for x-mas.
    (if this posts twice, sorry, I'm having issues with my computer!)

  15. I loved your blog Kristy!!!!!! AMazing!!!

  16. Fabulous candy thanks for the chance to win all these lovely goodies. , I have added your candy to my sidebar with a link back to you. I have become a follower.

  17. Hi Kristy,
    I got the Design Dollies's blinkie!
    thanks for the chance to win!
    Marry Christmas!

  18. Hi
    I love follower so much! Thanks for the chance to win it :-)
    I became a follower of both blogs and post this candy in my blog -

    Have a great holidays

  19. OMG I had to thank you because I hadn't seen the Sass Lass blog yet when you left me that note this morning. How awesome to win yummy Sass stuff, right? Thanks for visiting and thanks for the heads up. Happy holidays! :)

    (my word verification is forker...that just struck me as funny and I had to share it)

  20. Ooops...the candy is posted on my blog (I forgot to put up a pic).. :) Thanks! The challenges are awesome...It's been a lot of fun!

  21. WOW! WHat a super treat!!!!!! A box full of Prima and other goodies is a card crafters yummy dream!!! I am following, I have you linked and I am afollowing the Design DOllies which are awesome!!!!! All of your work is so incredible!!!!!
    Thank you for the op to hop on your blog and enter to win!!
    Happy Holidays
    Happy Crafting
    Queen La Rubba

  22. Thanks for the chance to win. I linked your candy on my sidebar.

  23. Wow! Great blog candy!! Thanks for the chance to win and I am afollowing. link in my sidebar

  24. Thanks for a chance to win all these sweet goodies I've added a link in my sidebar

  25. Ich wünsche frohe Weihnachten und vielen Dank für die Chance dieses tolle Candy zu gewinnen

    LG Heike

  26. What a box of goodies! Thanks for the chance to win. I've spread the word on my candypost:


  27. Hi Kristy :) I've linked up your candy on my blog sidebar, and I've had the Dollies blinkie happily blinking away on my side bar for a few months now :)

  28. What a great candy! Thanks for the chance to win! I linked it on the sidebar of my blog.

    Best wishes!

  29. Hello,
    I linked your sweet Candy to my sidebar.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year!
    XX Kathi

  30. just found this site by clicking on leah's name at another blog candy offering as i had seen her name many times before...went to the dollies site; lost track of time looking around at the different challenges. love the techniques, textures, and refreshing ideas!!!!!!

  31. oh i posted to my blog

  32. Nice Candy!!!
    I am a follower and I put your candy on my sidebar.
    Thanks for the chance!

  33. Hi Kristy,
    this candy is so great, thanks for the chance to win!
    I linked you on my sidebar and i'm a follower now.
    Hugs and a happy new year,

  34. Wow, Kristy what a wonderful Blogcandy. Thanks for the chance to win, i've linked you on my sidebar and i'm a follower.....



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