Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This is what I've been staring at alot of this week so far. Workin on colored samples for the website :) Samples for our April release and our first rubber release. I can't tell you how excited I am about the rubber. its been approved for and been in production for about a week now so we're in the middle of the waiting game. I could simply pull my hair out in anticipation! Its like being a lil kid at christmas :)  After these are ready I have to start thinking about our second rubber release... should all be exclusively rubber? So much to think about!

In other news, I've been a touch under the weather but today should be my last day here at my blogspot. I don't want to direct you over to the new home yet, its not quite ready but look for it tomorrow or Friday. This has been in the works for a while and I've been beyond excited working with talented Kyla Roma on my new blog home. 


  1. I. Seriously. Need. To. Take. A. Class. With. You.

    Gah. You're too good!! As soon as I get copics, I'll be hanging at your proverbial lock, my dear. ;)

  2. WOW your coloring is just amazing!!! I've only been using Copics for a couple of months and trying to teach myself so hopefully mine will look like that one day!! So many exciting things, rubber stamps and new blog with Kyla's help....seriously can't wait!!!!! I'm soooo excited for you! :)

  3. OMG - I can't wait to see your rubber release (is it just me or dies this sound rather kinky???!!!??)
    And I cannot wait for your new home either

  4. So cool, I'm glad it goes so well for you and your creations! Isn't it every creative person's dream to be able to live of their creations? X3
    I'm looking forward to seeing your new site! But does that mean you're leaving Blogger completely, or are you redirecting us somehow? @_@

    ((oh, and my link-to buttons are f-ing up... the old ones were deleted, so the one in your sidebar is gone. If you want to you can grab one of the new ones... if you want to of course...))

  5. You're so silly Ru! Of course I wants a new one! I'm moving my blog to a self hosted wordpress site with its own URL. :D there will be an announcement here when the time comes SOON eeeep :)

    Can I call you Kinky Kimmy? ;)

  6. Looking good so far! And I can't wait to see yourn ew blog, Kyla does really nice work. :)


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